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SEPTEMBER 17th - Rock on The Road - Senago (MI)

OCTOBER 1st - La Cueva Rock Pub - Castelbeltrame (NO)


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The Highway to Hell is an incredible fusion of talents, with Jacopo (a founding member of the band) on lead guitar, Davide on bass, Francesco on rhythm guitar, Andrea on drums, and Eros on vocals.

This ensemble of musicians has made their passion for AC/DC their reason for existence.

With a style that captures the essence of AC/DC, each band member brings their own unique touch, creating an authentic experience for fans. Andrea, the drummer, embodies the power of Chris Slade, maintaining a driving rhythm that guides the band through every performance.

Davide, the bassist, brings a strong and solid presence, reflecting the legendary Cliff Williams.

Francesco, on rhythm guitar, and Jacopo, on lead guitar, form a duo reminiscent of the synergy of Malcolm and Angus Young, capturing the energy and precision that made AC/DC famous.

Eros, with his powerful voice, is the backbone of the band, with the grit and vocal power of Brian Johnson.

Furthermore, the band has achieved extraordinary milestones by participating in EICMA for two consecutive years as the resident band of the Motolive outdoor stage and also at various stands within the pavilions, giving the audience an unforgettable experience.

Highway to Hell is not just a tribute band but a journey through the history of AC/DC. With meticulous care for sound and attention to detail in appearance, the group offers an experience that transports the audience directly into the AC/DC universe, guaranteeing excitement and adrenaline at every performance.